Porsche 911 LEGO technic build captured using stop motion photography.

Pictures and progressive build videos will be posted here.

Kit ordered 1/28, arrived 1/30. Parts sorted 2.8.2020. Stop motion capture started 2.9

On of the great things about the Lego technic or mindstorm kits, is its a challenging build with exact steps, and the process/final result is a good way to show and teach teens, kids especially minorities STEM [science technology engineering mathematics]. I will be building this kit with the help of my son Ikechukwu.

I will try to document in pictures and especially my first attempt at a lego technic stop motion video series. Enjoy!

Gear used: Canon DLSR 7dMark2 + 28mm EFS lens with a trigger release and a AC power adapter, and the Panasonic G85 4/3 Mirrorless Camera.


Click here to see the progress pictures and videos taken with my Pixel 4XL cellphone


Stop Motion Video so far…

VivaVideo progress build 1 minute clip below…  🙂

Project playlist Video[s] below:

Final Video below 4.8.2020

I’m missing one part on the left front light cover and one set of stickers….. 🙁

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