I Camped Out at BestBuy to get an RTX 3000 Graphics Card

RTX Series card are used mainly for content generation, but the relative cost per internal hardware has also made it in demand for bitcoin mining and – in my interest area – Artificial intelligence [AI]/machine learning [ML] as per the tensor cores found in them. They are also used for gaming PC’s – the least of my application area.

Got below text from a friend, P.I – and ended up heading to Cascade Station Bestbuy where l stayed overnight  [about 10+ hours] in line, with lots of other people, waiting for Nvidia RTX cards to be handed out for purchase first come first served at MSRP the following 8am.

Street prices for these cards have been about 3-4X MSRP online since early 2020 when Nvidia released the RTX lines.

Got here about 7pm July 19th, got my RTX 3xxx card 8am on July 20th

Pictures and video clips below.