My Ryzen 9 MSI X570 Creation – Rosewill Thor – 4K Editing PC Build

Video 1/3

Video 2/3
AMD Wraith Prism RBG CPU Fan

Above is part one of my replacement build to my old 4-5 year i7 4 core 8 processors workstation. Things have changed a lot since then. This motherboard supports USB-C 3.2 [very important for some AR/VR projects using Occulus Quest VR], Wifi, M.2 drives, 1 and 10Gb ethernet.

This is the first build l have made using AMD processors. My last 3-4 PC builds have always used Intel processors. This time around the price per cores and benchmark performance l noticed as per the AMD Ryzen 9 series were pretty good compared to the more spendy Intel i9 processor.

I went with the Ryzen 9 12 core cpu, which has 24 logical processors. This has so far been a speed beast rendering video content using Davinci Resolve 16, and working on projects relating to Machine/Deep Learning/AI.

2nd and or 3rd build video coming soon. This video was actually recorded in 4k – first build l recorded in 4k [3-5Gb video files] using the Canon EOS RP. I downconverted this to HD for Youtube upload.

Below is a video clip from newegg of the case l went for. This was also the first time l sourced build components completely online from newegg and amazon, due to the Covid19 3 month lockdown instead of my local Bestbuy/Frys Electronics stores. Most of the components were out of stock, and delivery jumped from usual 2 days to 1-2 weeks.