Hike – Nov 7th 2020 – Videos

Videos shot using a DJI Spark drone, GoPro Hero8 Black, Cellphone – Google Pixel 4 XL and Canon EOS RP, while on a hike of about 4 miles to “God’s thumb” – The Knoll Loop, in Lincoln City, Oregon

This is the first time based on an online article l first transcoded each of the videos first to Apple ProRes usning Adobe Media Encoder [trial version], to fill in the “gaps” – from compressed drone/gopro/Pixel4XL video clips.

Music applied [l made this overshadow the original video clips sound tracks]:
“I Move On” used in Blender’s Sintel
Jan Morgenstern/Performed by Helena Fix – released under Creative Common LicenseĀ  – Thanks!


Hyperlapse to there: 2 hours drive into 5 minutes video


Destination Video – DJI Spark Drone – Pilot Ikechukwu

Video 2 – Drone flight wrap up – Drone Pilot Ikechukwu:

Canon EOS RP Video Clips






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