Blender Flip Fluids Addon Compilation

Update 7.12.2023

Due to popular requests, l have recompiled this again – Version 1.7.0  as of July 7th 2023. I currently use Blender 3.6, and l downloaded the Version 1.7.0 of Flip Fluids source from github and recompiled it using Windows 10 OS, cmake, mingw64.

Email me for the file if you need it.

If you have access to the demo blend files that come with the for purchase version, l would appreciate a zipped file of those .blend files.  Thanks



Successfully compiled Blender Flip Fluids Addon [Version 1.0.7]  for my use on Blender 3.2, l used this guide as well as the cmake and minGW tools to do this.  Source link to this on github – click here.

Below are process screenshots. Email me for a zip file of the working addon.

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