Cascading Water Fluid Physics Simulation in Blender

Progress log as l work through this on Blender 2.82a, using a model from Blendswap. Click here to download the open source [free] popular 3D software Blender.

I’m also using this project also to stress test my new PC build. This 400 resolution baking was started 5/29/2020 at 8:17am, and the current bake cache folder is now 64Gb large.

This project requires baking 710 frames, then l will have to generate the mesh [another long project] and then l might try generating particles for this [foam/splash/ etc]. Finally l will be rendering the frames using Cycles/GPU on a Nvidia GTX1080 w/8Gb VRAM. Frames will be rendered to PNG or EXR depending on how much post processing l wish to do [l dont render to JPG] , composited in Blender and the final animation video will be shared here.

Not much GPU used while baking
Almost at frame 710!!!

The Baking finished on 5/31 7:27pm – 2 days 11 hours.

Next Step – Meshing….. stay tuned.

Total bake cache was 74.5Gb, total mesh size was 14.5Gb!

6.7.2020 update – time to get back to this, and start the rendering of frames to be composited later on.

Installed and currently using Blender 2.83

Load on PC while doing a test render:

Final Video
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