Apple MacOS Catalina Hackintosh on a Windows 10 PC

I need to compile some final code for AR and graphics development for the Apple platform – especially the iPad tablet, but l cannot bring myself to spend the money needed for an entry level Apple laptop of apple mac mini which for the same amount of money, due to a lack of  decent graphics card or memory or storage – compared to similar systems that  run Windows 10 or Linux, so l decided to look into a hackintosh. It would have been nice in my view if Apple provided xcode development support on the iPad Pro at least.

Below shows screenshots taken as l worked on this using Windows 10 and Linuxmint, as well as Oracles Virtualbox.

I chose MacOS Catalina for its 64bit support, it coming after Mojave and before MacOS Big Sur the next Apple MacOS


  • the OS virtual image vmdk file was initially a 8.1Gb file, it became a 23Gb file by the time Catalina loaded up
  • It took about 14 mins for the first time for Catalina to initially start up.
  • Virtual Machine [VM] settings was for 4 processors, 128Mb Video ram, 8192Mb , USB 3 – allocated out of my host laptops resources.





End Result so far – Oracle Virtualbox on an Alienware 17R5 running Windows 10 2004 release


Next steps.

Try to get an fairly used Windows PC desktop lying around, with a GTX560 – to run Catalina



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