I ran tests on two current systems l use, before hopefully the RTX3080 gets fully back in stock in USA, using Blenders Open Data benchmark results – click here to download this. The download installer is 12Mb, and this then downloads almost 700Mb of actual Blender project files.

The victor Blender test is from this Blender project – click here for the link – that blender file takes time to render, and it is noticeably rendered way faster on system #2, 790 vs 1300, almost half the render time! Below if you are familiar with Blender or not, is a 230Mb cycles render file.

Note – Benchmark results depend on not how you may think of your PC :), it really depends on your CPU, GPU, and most especially RAM and storage data transfer rates to/fro your motherboard. A top CPU on an old motherboard will not compare to the same with a motherboard w/M.2 Operating system drive. CPU L1/2/3 cache memories help also.

Here are the/my results:

  1. Alienware 17 w/GTX 1060 6Gb VRAM


2.  New Workstation : AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core w/GTX1080 8Gb VRAM

Other good benchmark software l use [free] include: